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Olympia's historic downtown is the heart of our region, buoyed by a colorful and welcoming environment, a rich diversity of people and positive experiences, and an activated, engaged community. 


 Act as a catalyst for a vibrant and thriving downtown through service to businesses and property owners. 


SAFETY We strive to provide a safe environment both to communicate honestly with the organization and to welcome customers coming downtown. 

COMMUNICATION We actively listen and clearly articulate to seek understanding and agreement. 

GROWTH We are committed towards affecting positive change both within the organization and in downtown as a whole by employing innovation and strategic thinking. 

SERVICE We prioritize customer response, tell the truth, and instill trust. 

INCLUSION We engage with a diverse group of downtown stakeholders. 


ADVOCACY Channel the voice of the downtown businesses and other stakeholders to compel action in both local and state government.
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Develop programming and leverage community partnerships to support a vibrant downtown economy, including current and future businesses.
FINANCIAL HEALTH Ensure varied funding sources and efficient business practices that lead to long-term fiscal solvency for the organization. 
IMAGEMAKING Improve the community's perception of downtown through enhancements to the physical environment, production of quality events and experiences, and strategic communications and marketing. 
CLEAN, SAFE & HEALTHY Support a welcoming environment to ensure business success and a thriving downtown. 

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Todd Cutts

Executive Director

Todd Cutts began his tenure as Executive Director of the Olympia Downtown Association in March 2017.

Prior to that, Todd was the President of Water Street Consulting, Inc., a consultancy specializing in strategic planning and implementation, meeting facilitation, and team building. Before founding the consultancy, Todd was the City Manager for the City of SeaTac, overseeing all operations. This followed stints as the City’s Assistant City Manager and Economic Development Manager. Todd’s experiences working for downtown management organizations include starting an economic development program for the Downtown Long Beach Associates (in California) and working as an economic development professional for the Downtown Denver Partnership.  

Todd is passionate about urban environments generally and Downtown Olympia specifically, believing that it should be the healthy and beating heart of this community.

Desiree Freeland

Downtown Projects Manager
Desiree Freeland joined the Olympia Downtown Alliance as the Downtown Projects Manager in October 2021.
Prior to joining the team at the Alliance, Desiree was a Campaign Manager and Events Coordinator for a similar Main Street program in DeLand, Florida. She brings with her a deep understanding of the importance of community connectedness and leadership management. Desiree is excited to occupy an active role in the organization and looks forward to continuing to develop relationships that further strengthen and affirm the purpose and need of community-minded, business organizations. 

Colin Brockway


Working as a Downtown Guide is a great way to positively engage the public and provide quality service to our downtown. In my role, as eyes and ears on the street, I am able to see firsthand results in the downtown community, and receive positive feedback from visitors and business owners. Having good report with colleagues, and good communication organizationally about what matters downtown, helps us to stay aligned in working toward the collective goal of a vibrant and safe downtown. 

Quillan Halverson

Operations Supervisor 

"Being a part of the Alliance and working downtown has allowed me to engage with people. Every day a new mural or personality expresses the culture that people call home.

Having grown up in Olympia, I see the Olympia Downtown Alliance as an opportunity to interact with our community in a purposeful way. I'm proud of the ability afforded by my position to return something to this community that has given me so much.

Within our organization, there is so much activity that speaks to the dedicated ethos of the organization. As the Alliance increases our capacity to serve our stakeholders, it's exciting to see our potential impact with marginalized communities, potential business owners looking for guidance and support, and the social events that keep the artistic and vibrant aspect of Olympia at the forefront of people's experiences."

Justin Richards


In my role as a downtown Guide, I get to interact with various visitors and residents and support the local business community. The human interaction and opportunity to build relationships with patrons downtown and business owners, is a bonus. The Alliance team is a group of amazing professionals who all believe in the mission of the organization. Looking toward the future, I am excited for the Alliance to host events that invite people downtown and help to make it more welcoming. 

primary partners




Main Street Approach

Downtown Olympia, like many of Washington State's communities, is using the National Main Street Center's Main Street Approach™ effectively to address the complex and changing issues facing the Downtown Business environment. At the center of this approach are the Downtown Alliance's five committees.  These committees work to achieve the organization's goals by leveraging the energy, skillsets, and commitment of the committee members.

The ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE involves building a solid Main Street framework that encourages fiscal stability and thoughtful deployment of resources.  A strong organization provides the structure and stability to build and maintain a long-term Downtown revitalization effort.

The PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE helps to create excitement and vibrancy downtown.  Downtown events, retail promotions, storytelling, and image development campaigns are some of the ways the Downtown Alliance markets what’s going on Downtown and encourages customer traffic.

The DESIGN COMMITTEE works to enhance the look and feel of the commercial district.  Historic building rehabilitation and new ground-up development, street and alley clean up, landscaping, signage, visual merchandising and lighting all improve the physical image of the Downtown as a quality place to shop, work, walk, invest in and live.

The ECONOMIC VITALITY COMMITTEE involves analyzing current market forces to develop near and long-term solutions for the visibility of Downtown businesses.  Providing business assistance services, education and training opportunities, and advocating for a business friendly regulatory environment are examples of economic vitality activities.

The DOWNTOWN VIBRANCY COMMITTEE works to ensure that the environment Downtown is clean, safe and welcoming for all of those coming Downtown.  Best practices are researched and employed that can help achieve these foundational tenets that enable a vibrant, thriving Downtown.

If you would like to be considered for committee membership on one of these committees, please contact Executive Director, Todd Cutts at (360) 357-8948.

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Physical Address: 115 State Avenue, Suite 104, Olympia, WA 98501

Mailing Address: 120 State Ave NE, #1031, Olympia, WA 98501

Phone: (360) 357-8948 

Email: info@downtownolympia.org


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